Lego is taking a life-size Flash to San Diego Comic Con! Thanks to Mashable, we have several pictures of the model, and in one of them you can see the concept art of the character in DC’s Cinematic Universe, as well as a drawing of Ezra – judging by his haircut and outfit, it seems they were inspired by his look at the premiere of Batman v. Superman last year, which you can see here.

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When thousands of geeks descend on San Diego Comic Con later this month, many will pause at the Lego booth to admire the toy company’s latest large-scale model: a human-sized replica of the Flash, in brick form.

What onlookers won’t see is the months of preparation that go into large-scale brick-building. It’s a process that takes place about 2,500 miles across the country at the Lego model shop in Enfield, Connecticut, where a small team of builders tirelessly to produce pieces that delight brick fans worldwide.

This year’s Comic Con superhero comes courtesy of Master Builder Mark Roe, a 23-year model shop veteran.

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Ezra has recently talked to IGN about THE FLASH, which is currently set for an early 2018 release. He says that, despite being one of the leading characters on the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE, Barry Allen won’t be completely used to his powers on his solo film.

Speaking to IGN, Miller explained that while Allen will have learned more about harnessing the Speed Force in his team-up with Batman, Superman and co., he will still be an in-training superhero to some extent:

“I certainly think it will represent the next stage,” he explained. “What I find fascinating is that we’re still very much amateur-hour Speedster.” That’s a journey Miller’s clearly keen to continue in any potential future movies: “I’d love for the series to track an evolution of Barry Allen’s early times as The Flash.”

When asked if we could see a fully-powered Flash in DC’s movie universe one day, Miller explained why that was unlikely: “Like, I love this comic ‘Kingdom Come’ – unbelievable art – and in that The Flash is fully evolved, and you never even see him, right? It’s just like a red mist, and there’s no crime in [Keystone] City. He protects a whole chunk of the country. So that wouldn’t make for the most interesting film – you know what I mean? What do we have to learn about that guy? That guy barely exists, right? He’s almost one with the Speed Force. So it’s interesting to go to the beginning.”

Then – as if just to get us wishing for the impossible – he followed it up with an idea for a fully-powered Flash move as fantastic as it is unlikely: “It would be hard – you’d have to get Werner Herzog to make a movie about a bolt of lightning!”

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