“I was certainly a misfit, sort of by design, in a couple of different ways. I had a breath-line stutter when I was a kid, which meant from a really young age I had a hard time fitting in with the group, because I would really… I would get nervous, and that would intensify my stutter. And if I was being teased or mocked for my stutter, that would intensify it further, the more conscious of it I became. And then I found the cure for my stutter was opera, and then I was a 6-year-old who was obsessed with opera, which also didn’t really put me in the ‘in’ crowd. And then, right as I was coming out of the opera, I was beginning to have questions about my sexuality and was starting to kiss boys sometimes, and that didn’t help either! And so, yeah, I’ve known the reality of being a social misfit in a world of heavy privilege. Like, white male class privilege. Do you know what I mean? There are heavier layers of being an outcast that scapegoated than I have ever had to know.” – Rosa Gamazo interview, 2016 (x)