A couple of new images from JUSTICE LEAGUE have been released! A People magazine article was also posted today, in which they talked to Ezra and Ben Affleck about making the friendship between the cast. Our gallery has been updated with the images, and you can read the article below.

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What happens when you get a group of A-list actors together to play superheroes in one of the year’s most highly-anticipated films? A lot of serious, silly fun, according to the Justice League cast.

“We all had a friggin’ blast,” star Ezra Miller tells PEOPLE in the annual Fall Movie Preview.

The star-studded ensemble film features DC Comics’ most famous crime-fighting supergroup: Miller’s Flash, Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck‘s Batman, Jason Momoa‘s Aquaman and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg.

“This is a step in evolution to bring together all of these characters who have had their origins,” explains Affleck of the film’s premise. “It’s about multilateralism, and it’s about hope and about working together and the kind of conflicts of trying to work together with others. Part of the drama of the movie is the question of whether or not the team is going to come together. It’s very different from the tenor of the last movie and there’s also more room for humor.”

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A new promotional artwork for JUSTICE LEAGUE has been released! We have added it to our photogallery, thanks to my lovely friend Mylene, from jasonmomoaweb.com, for sending it our way.

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DC Fans has released today a video of Justice League‘s members The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) unboxing their Mattel Multiverse action figures. Watch the video bellow for their amazing reactions!

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The full JUSTICE LEAGUE panel at San Diego Comic Con 2017 is here! You can watch it here, and I’ve written a summary of what was said by the cast, which you’ll find below the video.

The Justice League panel was part of the Warner Bros. Presentation at San Diego Comic Con 2017, it was moderated by Chris Hardwicke and it featured Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Ezra Miller (Barry Allen/The Flash), Gal Gadot (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman), Ray Fisher (Victor Stone/Cyborg) and Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry/Aquaman). The first question was for Ben Affleck, about the recent rumors that he might be leaving Batman soon. Although he didn’t exactly address it, he said that playing that character was a dream come true, and after two movies it is still hard to believe he gets to do it. He also said that getting together with the League was an amazing moment, and Ezra added that he kept trying to touch everyone because the costumes looked so real.

Gal Gadot was (rightfully) praised for the success of Wonder Woman, and she thanked the audience for making it the hit that it was, stating that Diana is a beautiful character to play because she stands for everything that is good.

The first question for Ezra was about the DC Universe and what makes it so special, to which he replied “Well, as we know, DC Universe is the first comic universe. And this league that we are in is the first. Unless you count the only one that came before us, The Justice Society of America, which is, of course, us as well. Yeah. And so… I mean, I’m thrilled. What more can I say? It’s the greatest, as far as I’m concerned”. Ray Fisher explained that The Flash and Cyborg bonded over getting their powers through experiments and the traumas that resulted from that, and also because they are the youngest members of the League. Gal complained about the “youngest” bit, and Ezra pitched in, saying Wonder Woman is “ancient”, while their characters are basically college kids.

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Ezra was at San Diego Comic Con 2017 yesterday, where he spent all day promoting JUSTICE LEAGUE. There was a Warner Bros. Presentation Panel, which featured him and his co-stars, and they also went around posing for portraits and giving interviews. This post will focus on the images from the event, and I’ll update it as they come out. Follow our site on Twitter @ezramillercom and turn on the notifications to know whenever something is added!

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